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Child support and spousal maintenance can be significant points of tension in a divorce or between unmarried parents. At the law firm of Mandell & Ginsberg in Madison, Wisconsin, we assist families in negotiating the complex emotional and financial considerations of divorce or parental separation. We strive to resolve matters fairly by providing honest counsel and dedicated advocacy tailored to our clients’ needs.

Child Support In Wisconsin

Child support in Wisconsin is determined by statutory guidelines. The child support guidelines outline several factors that may be taken into account when determining child support, including but not limited to:

  • The amount of time allotted to each parent with regard to child placement (shared physical placement formula)
  • The individual incomes of each parent
  • The costs of caring for a child with special needs
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered under a parent’s health insurance

While child support is determined by these factors, we know every family’s financial considerations are unique. After reviewing your family’s situation, our Madison child support lawyers can help you understand how child support may be assessed in your case so you can plan accordingly. We can also seek to negotiate alternative support arrangements that may deviate slightly from the guidelines in certain qualifying circumstances.

Janesville Spousal Support Attorneys

Spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony, may not necessarily be included within a final divorce settlement if both spouses are financially stable on their own. The court will assess several statutory factors of the marriage before making a determination of spousal maintenance, such as:

  • Each spouse’s gross income
  • The potential earning capacity of an unemployed spouse based on his or her education and work history
  • The standard of living enjoyed during the marriage
  • Provisions outlined in prenuptial agreements
  • Possible child support obligations if the couple has children
  • Fairness considerations

We strive to obtain fair support arrangements based on the unique facts of your situation. This includes negotiating any complex issues involving self-employment income or income derived from family-owned business assets.

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