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Whether contested or uncontested, divorce is a legal matter that is rife with emotion. At Mandell and Ginsberg in Madison, Wisconsin, we handle each divorce case by using our extensive experience and couple that with compassion for your painful situation.

Children’s Interests First

If there are children involved, it only makes a challenging situation much more complicated. Our goal is to put their best interests first and we hope that is your objective as well. There is no cookie-cutter approach to your divorce case as each situation is different. We will customize the management of your case, identify and respond to your concerns, and strive for a peaceful resolution, whether there are children involved or not.

Mediation as the First Choice

At Mandell and Ginsberg, a trial is the last resort, not the first choice. Dane County (and other counties) provide a mediation program which we have utilized for many of our clients. When children are involved, issues and disputes should be resolved at the mediation table and not through courtroom litigation.

Custody and visitation matters should be settled between the parents and their attorneys without dragging the children into a courtroom to testify. In the end, mediation shields your children from a sometimes ugly process and promotes better relationships between you and your ex-spouse in the future.

Additional Post-Decree Services

Our lawyers can continue to serve as your advocate if there is a need for post-judgments related to child support or custody modifications. Again, our goal is to resolve these matters in a cooperative environment and not through a courtroom battle.

We will handle your divorce matter with compassion and serve as your advocate and information source. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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