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While a divorce settlement attempts to provide concrete direction for families moving forward, we understand that circumstances can and often do change over time. The lawyers of Mandell & Ginsberg serve clients in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas in situations where there is a need for post-judgment modifications or enforcement related to support arrangements or child custody.

Modifying Existing Court Orders

In order to obtain support or child custody modification, you must first demonstrate to the court that a significant change in circumstances has occurred, which was not anticipated or in effect at the time your divorce was finalized. In general, typical situations the court may consider include:

  • Relocation to another city, state or country
  • Job loss or a significant loss of income
  • The changing needs of your children as they age
  • Concerns over potentially destructive changes in lifestyle in a former spouse or his or her significant other

Our Madison divorce modification attorneys will review your circumstances and provide honest counsel on whether your situation qualifies for modification. As in most family law situations, we strive to resolve these matters in a cooperative manner as opposed to a courtroom battle wherever appropriate. We have seen clients be successful in negotiating modifications directly or by the use of mediation, though we are fully prepared to advise and represent them should matters proceed to trial.

Attorneys For Enforcement Of Child Support, Maintenance And Custody

Your child or spousal support arrangements and child custody and placement agreement are binding agreements. If your former spouse or partner fails to pay support or abide by your parenting schedule, you may take legal action to enforce your rights.

Being held in contempt of the court is a serious legal matter, and such actions should not be pursued lightly. Our attorneys will advise you on your rights regarding enforcement, striving to resolve matters as fairly and cost-effectively as possible.

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